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About us

Why Solar PV?

Both Peter and Vince have been involved in renewable energy systems since 2009, initially with Air and Ground Source Heat Pump installations for new and retrofit build projects. The demand for Solar PV has now grown rapidly since the Government launch of the  financial incentives which have given the much needed impetus and awareness. Both technologies individually provided separate benefits but also have a complimentary benefit when installed together.


Having seen the explosion of interest in renewables, driven by spiralling oil prices coupled with Government policy aiming to reduce C0² emissions, Peter and Vince spent over 2 years researching the best solutions, talking with leading manufacturers from all over the world to a myriad of specialists and experts in the field. What was found to be lacking was clarity for the average person trying to wade through all the facts and figures, and in many cases  misleading advice being given in the pursuit of profiteering. It was found that customers were unclear or even confused about the real value of Solar PV and Heat Pumps, not to mention all the other technologies like wind, hydro and biomass. So 2020 Heating embarked on a mission to bring simplicity and clarity that will clearly spell out the benefits to its clients and customers.


Commercial & domestic – we are comfortable covering both ends of the spectrum from 6 SolarPV panels on a terrace house to installing thousands of panels on a factory roof.

The right team for the right job!

Pulling together the right team for the job, meticulously managing every detail, while meeting committed timelines without compromising quality enables us to stand out from the 101 others offering Solar PV. We will manage, according to the project:

  • Product Manufacturers
  • Architects
  • Structural Engineers
  • Specialist Roofing Contractors
  • Planning Consultants
  • Bankers & Finance Providers
  • MCS Accredited Electricians & Heating Engineers
  • System Design Engineers
  • Building Contractors
  • Groundwork Specialists
  • The Quality Supervisor

“Seamless operation, I couldn’t

believe it was done so quickly

and so efficiently.”

Project management is our Golden Key

Knowing how to project manage the implementation of high-tech systems is core to our 50 years collective experience. Installing a solar PV system to the highest standards requires much more than plumbing and electrical skill. It requires a broad base of expertise that we Project Manage as part of our service, including:

  • Design
  • Product selection
  • Pre Installation site surveys
  • Planning permissions
  • Certificates of lawfulness
  • Structural surveys
  • Sign-off from the electricity suppliers (G83 & G59)
  • Health & safety
  • Full insurances for professional indemnity, public liability and onsite contracts.
  • Ongoing maintenance

Our passion

We are passionate about:

  • Pleasing our customers and exceeding their expectations
  • Offering our customers the best price/performance available
  • Providing world leading quality of products and service
  • Communicating clearly and efficiency
  • Knowing what we are talking about
  • Sharing our success with our employees and partners
  • Dealing with integrity in all we do

If price is your start point then we’ll meet you there and journey together!

Please contact 2020SolarPV to discuss your details on 01386 80 2020 or get in touch