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We have a track record of installing and managing large and potentially complex installations be they ground or roof based. We cover all areas that arise with commercial installations.

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  • Its important to understand your objectives for considering solar and for us to discuss your current energy consumption profile. It is also important to establish that any project has the backing of the board or company owners.

  • Our detailed onsite visit will examine all aspects of installing solar at your site. This will include taking detailed laser measures, examining your current electrical infrastructure and inspecting the roof construction type. We also use drones for difficult to view roofs.

  • If your business fits The Carbon Trust eligibility criteria then we can determine this early on as this will affect the financial payback calculations that a solar system will offer.

  • One aspect that affects the size of system for your roof is what the local Ditribuition Network Operator (DNO) in your area will allow. In the Midlands and South West this is Western Power. The DNO will consider applications and design whether the local infrastructure can support the increased load a new solar system might bring. We can handle this application process for you free of charge. Ultimately the DNO will advise what size of system they will permit, we can build this into our design models.

  • Another routine but important step to comply with the FITS scheme is to provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rated level D or above. Again we will organise this for you through one of our independent energy assessors. This will incur a nominal standard fee payable to the assessor.

  • Once the above steps have taken place we construct a detailed proposal showing a complete breakdown of the numbers, including price, returns and payback. We will also offer differing design options and benefits where appropriate, taking into account any shade implications that arise with different designs. As well as the physical solar panel layout, design also relates to the electrical system. We will design the whole infrastructure including High and Low voltage requirements, cable runs, communications and monitoring as well as any need to interface with onsite generators/back-up systems.

  • Its important to know that any additional weight loading that solar panels bring is within the structural capabilities of your building. If needed we will own this step and introduce qualified engineers to provide the necessary expertise, reports and assurance.

  • Ahead of the installation start we will work with you on planning all aspects of the logistics from the RAMS (risk assessment and methods statements) through to deliveries, storage, and on roof access equipment such as scaffolding. We will work with you to establish our ideal installation timelines to minimise disruption.

  • Post installation we continue to assist with any application completion for FITS, grants and meter reading services. We will provide full system documentation digitally including schematics, warranty and operational information.

  • The level of our continued ongoing support is determined by you. We can be hands on or leave to you. This ranges from setting you up with your own monitoring system to manage in-house or you can outsource to us complete responsibility. We also offer annual maintenance contracts to cover ongoing proactive and reactive maintenance of your system.

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