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Our boast is not without cause.
Our success and strength, in a period when many solar PV companies have disappeared, derives from listening to our clients and then applying our in-depth knowledge and attention to detail to provide them with better system designs. This will yield more electricity generation and therefore higher financial gains over the lifetime of the system.
You can prove this to yourself by asking us to provide you with a no obligation detailed proposal – \”attention to detail, combined with highly competitive pricing and understanding of the client’s energy requirement putting 2020SolarPV in a strong position\” – The Carbon Trust, 2017.
If you want to check out some details simply Click a heading below for details:
  • Price may seem to be a guide to best design, but we know from experience that it is not. But best design is the key to buying a SolarPV system. How do you know? You probably can’t, but here is a quote about one of our proposals from the Carbon Trust (View here). 2020solarPV will get it right for you because accurate design is crucial and the power generated will affect the FIT income and savings you will earn for years to come.
    This is also why 2020SolarPV also chooses SolarEdge as the best way to manage your PV system.