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Our boast is not without cause.
Our success and strength, in a period when many solar PV companies have disappeared, derives from listening to our clients and then applying our in-depth knowledge and attention to detail to provide them with better system designs. This will yield more electricity generation and therefore higher financial gains over the lifetime of the system.
You can prove this to yourself by asking us to provide you with a no obligation detailed proposal – “attention to detail, combined with highly competitive pricing and understanding of the client’s energy requirement putting 2020SolarPV in a strong position” – The Carbon Trust, 2017.
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  • Price may seem to be a guide to best design, but we know from experience that it is not. But best design is the key to buying a SolarPV system. How do you know? You probably can’t, but here is a quote about one of our proposals from the Carbon Trust (View here). 2020solarPV will get it right for you because accurate design is crucial and the power generated will affect the FIT income and savings you will earn for years to come.
    This is also why 2020SolarPV also chooses SolarEdge as the best way to manage your PV system.
  • Our comprehensive Free On-Site survey examines the physical aspects, possibly requiring our Drone Camera – your existing electrics, space and access, roof structure, cable routing and so on, as well as your financial and aesthetic preferences. We will also identify any shading issues, which could be from a neighbour or even the other side of the road. We can also plot shade in different seasons; you can find a video example of shade through the year HERE.
    We don’t want any mistakes so we are very thorough. We want you to be a 100% satisfied customer.
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  • Domestic Installation is usually completed in one day to have the system fully operational. Some larger or more complex systems, ground mounted for example, may take longer.
    You can be confident that 2020 SolarPV will provide the best system for your needs, won’t let you down and will do what we say we will.
    We appreciate that you will be unfamiliar with registering your FIT application so we will give you the maximum help, to make it as painless as possible.
  • We provide free Deposit and Workmanship Warranty Insurance
    See the component details on our Products page here
  • That’s why at 2020SolarPV we offer high quality service from start to finish and pride ourselves on the time and care we take to analyse your proposed property or location for PV to create the most efficient design so you get the best from your Solar PV system and so the best return on your investment. The return from a 2020SolarPV system is always “Better than an ISA” providing a 20 year RPI linked Tax Free income. Our exclusive “Click your Roof” facility is evidence of our innovation and forward thinking.
  • After the on-site survey we will design & calculate the very best PV proposal in terms of how many panels, where they will go, the best inverter, all according to your budget, We will then send you a simply laid out Financial Proposal showing how much power you can expect, following the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) strict processes and guidelines and then the financial benefits extrapolated for 20 years. There are no bits of hidden extras, our pricing is clear an unambiguous.
    We will also give you a 3D visual interpretation of how the panels will
    look in position.
    Following installation, as part of our Handover service, we will assist you in the completion of your Feed In Tariff application for your energy supplier.
    You must have an EPC of D or higher before the Solar is installed to receive the maximum FIT rate. All the FIT rates are shown HERE (for FIT rates).
  • Our variety of options can be seen HERE.


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