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After a hiatus period when many solar PV companies have ceased trading, our continued success comes from checking how our installations are working, particularly in commercial sites and our domestic ones. Discussing issues with manufacturers, in many cases via direct links to them, then cross –checking , not accepting the ‘easy answer’. So for you, our customer, that means that by combining our in-depth knowledge and attention to detail you get higher yields from more electricity generation and so higher financial gains over the lifetime of the system. Our headline boast is not without cause.
If the product is available in the UK or Europe we can source it for you, possibly even offer an alternative that may be more cost effective or productive. You can prove this to yourself by asking us to provide you with a no obligation detailed proposal – but you can also accept a third party opinion – “attention to detail, combined with highly competitive pricing and understanding of the client’s energy requirement putting 2020SolarPV in a strong position” –  The Carbon Trust, 2017.
If you want to check us out simply Click a heading below for details:
  • At 2020SolarPV we are very conscious that there are so many products available it can be very confusing to select “the best” product for your needs and different salesmen seem to have opposing views. So we have simplified that at 2020SolarPV by providing clear simple proposals, with details when you want them – prices are all installed and working – NO HIDDEN extras  – always subject to an on site survey.