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During a hiatus period when many solar PV companies have ceased trading, our continued success comes from checking how our instillations are working, particularly in commercial sites as well as domestic ones. Discussing issues with manufacturers, in many cases via direct links to them, then cross –checking , not accepting the ‘easy answer’. So for you, the customer, that means that by combining our in-depth knowledge and attention to detail you get higher yields from more electricity generation and so higher financial gains over the lifetime of the system. Our headline boast is not without cause.
If the product is available in the UK or Europe we can source it for you, or offer an alternative that may be more cost effective or productive. You can prove this to yourself by asking us to provide you with a no obligation detailed proposal – but you can also accept a third party opinion – “attention to detail, combined with highly
competitive pricing and understanding of the client’s energy requirement putting 2020SolarPV in a strong position” –  The Carbon Trust, 2017.
If you want to check us out simply Click a heading below for details:
  • At 2020SolarPV we are very conscious that there are so many products available it can be very confusing to select “the best” product for your needs and different salesmen seem to have opposing views. So we have simplified that at 2020SolarPV by publishing four packages for a typical Domestic 4kWp system starting from only £5500 – that is all installed and working – always subject to an on site survey.

    Over 90% of our domestic installations use one of our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages.

  • The right design is crucial and so is the correct panel and inverter which can make a huge difference in how much power you will generate and so how much FIT income and savings you will earn. Often spending a little more on getting things right can yield great rewards with the overall output. Our many years of experience  solely supplying Solar PV means we can give you the best advice, but remember a high price is not always a guide to high quality, similarly it is unwise to spend too little as John Ruskin says :

    John Ruskin

    It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money – that’s all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.

    The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot – it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.


    That’s why at 2020SolarPV we offer high quality Products from start to finish and pride ourselves on the time and care we take to analyse your proposed property or location for PV to create the most efficient design so you get the best from your Solar PV system and so the best return on your investment. The return from a 2020SolarPV system is always “Better than an ISA” providing a 20 year RPI linked Tax Free income.

    Our exclusive “Click your Roof” facility is evidence of our innovation and forward thinking.

    Our Free On-Site surveys cover all the physical and aesthetic aspects, your preferences, your existing electrics,

    We don’t want any mistakes so we are very thorough. We want you to be a 100% satisfied 2020 SolarPV customer.

  • There are hundreds of Solar PV panel brands, they are made in nearly every industrialised country around the world, but principally in China, where there are over 400 PhotoVoltaic factories. Most European countries have some PV manufacturing, even Norway – not where you might expect!

  • Interesting to note that what you may think or have been told that “these” are the ‘Best Panels’ –  and they may not be on this list.

    At 2020SolarPV we have supplied many different panels, most on the list above with many others too, but remember that IF something goes wrong in the future will a factory somewhere far away be able to help? A manufacturer’s presence in the UK is as important as anything else.

  • With so many manufacturers how do you chose the best, especially when so many use the same Cells so we can guide you through the marketing Hype to find what suits your situation best.

    There are many different Types of cells to consider and here is an extensive list – but many will not be available in the UK, let alone offer post sales service.

    Stronger than your roof!
    Solar Panel are not fragile and are actually stronger than the tiles beneath them. The Manufacturing process basically puts the PV cells on a backing sheet with glass front & back which is then heat sealed making a substantial laminate, similar to what is in your car windscreen, so very strong.

  • Solar Panels create Direct Current (DC) but all properties in the UK use Alternating Current (AC), so the inverter changes the power type from DC to AC. But there is more. The solar panels will produce different amounts of power at any given point, so, like a manager of a team, the inverter also ‘manages’ them to produce an consistent and even supply into your grid. There are many manufacturers, types and sizes so at 2020 we will advise on the best inverter for your situation using the manufacturers design tools as appropriate.
    • Most of our customers are now buying the SolarEdge solution that provides a Power Optimiser, one each panel, so obtaining the maximum output all the time. This is particularly effective where shade is involved.
      SolarEdge provides other benefits too:

                 Innovative, world leading design
                 Long warranty (power optimisers – 20 years)
                 Comprehensive monitoring
                 Power generation is started earlier and finishes later
                 Safe for Fire Officers in the event of a fire, or any on roof maintenance

  • The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) defines and manages Solar PV UK regulations. All PV products we install comply with the relevant regulations. The Mounting systems must also comply to UK standards primarily because the wind stresses in the UK are significantly different to those elsewhere in Europe for example.
    There are 4 types of mounting:
    1. On roof, – over the existing roof surface.
    2. In roof, – the PV Panels replace sections of the existing roof so forming part of the roof.
    3. Flat roof
    4. Ground mounted
    Our 2020SolarPV Home page video shows examples of all these.
    Stronger than your roof!
    Solar Panels are not fragile and are actually stronger than the tiles beneath them. The Manufacturing process basically puts the PV cells on a backing sheet with glass front & back which is then heat sealed making a substantial laminate, similar to what is in your car windscreen, so very strong.
  • Our variety of options can help you to maximise the benefits of your 2020SolarPV system and take advantage of our skilled construction team at the time of installation:

    • Warranty upgrades
    • Monitoring upgrades
    • Immersion heater and other smart switches
    • Voltage optimisers
    • Battery storage
    • Electrical work including replacement fuse board/consumer unit
    • Roof, guttering, flues, vents, Velux windows and chimney work prior to installation
    • ‘In –roof’ installations

    Monitoring is included as standard but this too can be upgraded to offer higher levels of power management and sophistication.

  • After the on site survey we will design & calculate the very best PV proposal in terms of how many panels, where they will go, the best inverter, all according to your budget.

    We will then send you a simply laid out Financial Proposal showing how much power you can expect, following the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) strict processes and guidelines and then the financial benefits extrapolated for 20 years. 

    There are no bits of hidden extras, our pricing is clear and unambiguous.
    We will also give you a 3D visual interpretation of how the panels will look in position.

    CLICK HERE (for FIT rates).

  • No planning permission is required for roof-mounted installations with the exception of listed buildings and conservation, or areas of outstanding beauty. Rarely, there is a restraint on a property, usually when a major conversion has been done, some barn conversions for example.
    Please CLICK YOUR ROOF to allow us to give you our assessment of the possibilities for Solar PV for your property. We will be delighted to talk to you about what we can do for you and to carry out a free, no-obligation, on-site survey.
  • We provide free insurance to cover repayment of your deposit if we go out of business before the installation is completed.
    That policy is then extended to provide the build and construction warranty as well.

    You can be confident that 2020 SolarPV will provide the best system for your needs, won’t let you down and will do what we say we will.

  • Here are the UK professional organisations that manage and maintain standards in the Renewable Energy field and PHOTO VOLATIC (PV) Solar in particular :

    Renewable Energy Consumer Code
    Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)
    Which Trusted Traders
    The Carbon Trust
    Trading Standards Institute CCAS
    GDGC Insurance – 2020 SolarPV gives free customer insurance to protect Deposits and backup Warranty.