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Reduce O&M costs; improve your ROI

Benchmark your current costs of O&M against our services. You might be amazed at the savings that our existing clients are making. We offer hands on local services that will vastly cut the control centric providers that are used to charging big fees to the city investment organisations. Often, it’s difficult to see the value for money they offer and its often fear, uncertainty and doubt that locks larger scale PV plant owners into expensive legacy contracts.


You may have invested thousands or millions based on the projected ROI. For the next two decades or more you will want to monitor and maximise that ROI. Why deplete that ROI further? At our sister company 2020Horizons we specialise in end to end management of your solar assets at a fraction of the cost offered by traditional O&M providers.


Automated Panel Cleaning


Monitoring Tools:  for every size of system

One example where our O&M services breaks from the pack is in panel cleaning. Whether automated with our exclusive rotary panel cleaning device for large PV farms or manually for rooftop arrays we can make immediate improvements in the performance of your solar system. Often this can account for 10-20% performance degradation, which if unchecked can dramatically impact your ROI.


Through automated alerts, reduced response times, trend analysis and continuous optimisation of your SolarPV system we can help you realise the ROI you first signed up for. Call us today to discuss your requirements and to get a quick idea of our charges; tailored around the following list:


  1. Daily monitoring & ongoing reporting
  2. Communications & network connectivity
  3. Routine preventive maintenance
  4. Emergency call outs (low voltage & high voltage Engineers)
  5. Panel cleaning
  6. Monitoring license renewal 
  7. Product warranty claims and replacement logistics 
  8. Security

Real time and historic data analysis 


Panel/module level reporting