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Market Leading Inverters


The Inverter is the critical ‘heart’ of any SolarPV system, for further explanation and more details just click on the heading below.
  • Solar panels produce Direct Current (DC) every property connected to the Grid uses Alternating Current (AC) the inverter principally inverts DC power to AC. There are others things that they do as well, but this is the simple “got to have it” explanation.
    The low cost PV system solution uses a String Inverter, with a string of panels (approximately 5 to 10 in a string). The size and orientation of the panels in a string will be determined by the Inverters specification. Shade, even a small amount like a telegraph pole, reduces the output of panels and is often an unavoidable issue, so a
    “Dual Tracker” inverter enables maximum generation performance from either different aspects (East /west for example) or shade on part of the whole group to be minimised.
  • There are many manufacturers operating in the UK, providing sale as well as support and warranty back up. We do not know of a UK manufacturer of inverters for Solar PV.
    The choice is quite extensive, for example:
    In addition there is
    JFY – made in Australia
    Refusol – made in Germany
    If you have a particular Inverter in mind please talk to us, our supply chain means we are able to source any.
    The 2020SolarPV preference is : SolarEdge
    At 2020SolarPV we think that SolarEdge is the best solution for a domestic installation, as it forms the key element of our Gold Package. It will give you the best of everything:
    • Intelligent panels
    • Innovative world leading Israeli technology
    • Maximum performance from each panel
    • Maximum performance from the whole array
    • Minimal shade disruption
    • Monitoring of the whole system
    • Safety for installers, roofers & firemen
    • Whole house power management & monitoring
    • Affordable
    • Long warranty
    See more in these SE videos :
  • You may pickup in the SolarEdge HD Wave video  a reference to it operating @ 155% (Michael Rush says “up to 155%, thats crazy” (1 ½ minutes in)), so buying big is not best, and in some circumstances can be counter-productive from a Distribution Network Operators perspective.
    So what do I need? – simply ask 2020SolarPV, we can advise you. 01386 80 2020
    We will use the respective manufacturers design tools to ensure you get the best performance to price ratio, for your system, not what we have the most of, or is cheapest, or is on offer this month.
    Our objective is supply a PV system to you that we would install in our own homes.
  • If you have a PV system that is more than 3 years old your inverter warranty may be about to expire, regardless who installed it.
    For several years now, at 2020SolarPV we have been installing systems with a minimum inverter warranty of at least 10 years, one of the benefits of a SolarEdge installation. In some cases we have provided 20 year warranties for string inverters.
    My warranty is/has run out what should I do?
    Well if it is working, nothing.
    If it fails completely, then replacing it with an inverter with 10 (or even 20) year warranty should be a straightforward task. We can price that job for you – 01386 80 2020.
    Or email with pictures of the existing inverter & its location to – if you are not a 2020 customer already.
    Some customers have decided to upgrade to a SolarEdge system as well, but that is a bigger task, so has a higher price tag.
    Call us to discuss your options.
  • Every Inverter installed and connected to the UK grid has to comply with tests and regulations defined by the Energy Networks Association Engineering Recommendation and hence all 2020SolarPV supply are certificated.
    There are (primarily) two levels : 
    1. 1. Single phase 16 amps – this translates to 3.68kW, – i.e. 16 (amps) x 230 (volts) – G83/2
    2. 2. More than 16 amps – G59
    These inverter certificates are available from 2020SolarPV on request.
  • Why would I upgrade my inverter? What would I upgrade to?
    1. In the last few years String Inverters with standard 10 year warranties are readily available.
    2. WARRANTY – These can be upgraded to 20 years at a reasonable cost- e.g. SolaX
    3. New buildings or growing trees are putting extensive shade onto your panels – e.g. SolarEdge
    4. You want to get better performance from your panels – e.g. SolarEdge
    5. You want to monitor each panel – e.g. SolarEdge
    6. You have safety concerns that if a fire broke out; then SolarEdge will not stop Firemen attacking the blaze
    The best way to find out more is to discuss your options and requirements, so call us 01386 80 2020