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Market Leading Inverters


The Inverter is the critical \’heart\’ of any SolarPV system, for further explanation and more details just click on the heading below.
  • Solar panels produce Direct Current (DC) every property connected to the Grid uses Alternating Current (AC) the inverter principally inverts DC power to AC. There are others things that they do as well, but this is the simple \”got to have it\” explanation.
    The low cost PV system solution uses a String Inverter, with a string of panels (approximately 5 to 10 in a string). The size and orientation of the panels in a string will be determined by the Inverters specification. Shade, even a small amount like a telegraph pole, reduces the output of panels and is often an unavoidable issue, so a
    \”Dual Tracker\” inverter enables maximum generation performance from either different aspects (East /west for example) or shade on part of the whole group to be minimised.