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Leading Solar Panels


Choosing the right panel is about good design; balancing aesthetics, price and performance. At 2020SolarPV we are able to recommend what’s right for you without the need to ‘push’ a particular panel.  Whether it’s a hybrid, mono or poly panel, Chinese versus European, Silver or all black,  narrow panels versus larger ones, 190w, 250w, 285w or 300w; we can help you decide between the various alternatives. Should you already have a preference or would like price comparisons from us then please just ask. Below are our best sellers with a further list of the manufacturers we also source from. Solar PV only needs light and not heat from the sun to make it work. Solar PV is different to Solar Thermal  panels which are designed to heat hot water and are more dependent on sunshine rather than just daylight.

Perlight Solar


Our leading seller. One of the best performing and looking Chinese all black panels, available from a company with 30 years experience. Home Power Magazine recognised Perlight’s panels as the \”best bang for your buck\” in 2012. Available in a range of sizes.

Solar World


Our best selling German all black panel and as with any German quality engineering it costs a little extra. Winner of PV Magazine 2013 test report. 14 year old company employing over 2600 worldwide, highly driven by quality.



One of the best household brand names with a reputation for reliability, quality, range of panel sizes and winner of the Inter Solar Award 2013. Founded in 1958 head quartered in Korea.

REC Solar


Norwegian based company with manufacturing in Singapore. Leader in the Photon report league tables (independent lab tests carried out in Germany). On average, REC modules generated 6% more electricity than 45 other module brands.

8.33 Solar


Based in Spain 8.33 Solar mono crystalline PV modules with gallium enriched cells are  extremely high performing with industry leading power output guarantees.



The Rolls Royce of solar panels with a solid brand name for quality. A unique solar panel design using hybrid technology; making this the highest performing and most expensive panel available. Good for small spaces where maximising performance is key.

Sharp Solar


A Japanese based company with a long pedigree in solar and consumer electronics.

A popular choice for those preferring to ‘buy British’ with over 500mW of production based in Wrexham, North Wales at a facility opened by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2009.



A popular German brand with manufacturing in Germany and in Asia. A reputation for high panel efficiencies, excellent low light performance and high power output.

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